What does the #Futureofwork look like for you? Share your views…

There’s much discussion, confusion and plain old myth about coworking, flexible working and what the future of work looks like.

According to some, flexible working doesn’t work and isn’t a sustainable model for the future. However, the existing research tells us a different story with the number of coworking spaces rising by 16% in the U.S. and 36% outside the U.S in 2018.


A survey…

As a collective, that got Big Old House and a few like-minded pals thinking, what does a ‘normal’ day at work look like to people? Is there a ‘typical’ daily routine anymore? How can work become truly flexible to accommodate the demands of daily life?

That’s why we’re working together to conduct a nationwide temperature check of people’s attitudes to the changing world of work – from freelancers to full-time employees. Everyone who goes to work, in whatever form that takes, is invited to share their views and tell us what their version of work looks like.


Do you go to work? We want your views…

The survey shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes and all responses will be anonymous. The aim of this survey is to look at people’s different working models and how this affects their productivity, work-life balance and overall happiness.

From the results, we’ll produce a report that challenges the notion that “Flexible Working Doesn’t Work”, try to look at what the future holds for work and find truly flexible solutions to accommodate what people need to be productive, achieve work life balance and be happy.


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This is a collaborative survey curated for you by flexible workspace, coworking and digital nomad ambassadors Dispace, Works Social, and Big Old House.


How can you get involved?

To take part in our short and topical survey to share YOUR experience visit: https://tinyurl.com/2019FlexibleWorking

Please share your thoughts by Friday 27th September 2019.


Share the love…

By all means share with your friends colleagues and co-workers too.

Thank you, we really appreciate your time and contribution. If you have any questions, drop us a line at Big Old House. 

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