The builders are currently refurbishing the portfolio section of Big Old House. However, whilst they are hard at work, have a read of some testimonials from happy clients…

“We’ve been really impressed with the copywriting and design for our marketing materials from Big Old House. The creativity, attention to detail and timescales were exceptional and I look forward to working with the team again.”
Nicki Kirkup, Corporate Marketing Manager, Nottingham Community Housing Association


“As a small PR and copywriting consultancy specialising in B2B sectors, having Rachael on hand to support us during our busy periods is a god send. Her Extensive knowledge of B2B industries is unrivalled and she works at the same pace and to the same standard a big creative agency would expect.

“Her copy is engaging and on point every time and when we hand her a brief, we know we can rely on her completely to deliver it on time and to an exacting standard. Furthermore, she is fun and approachable, forthcoming with creative ideas and flexible in her working processes – all attributes which are essential when providing an outsourced service to creative agencies.

“We would highly recommending Big Old House to other PR, marketing and digital agencies looking for an external partner to bridge a skills or recruitment gap, either in a client facing or white labelled capacity.”

Senior copywriter and communications consultant, Agency X


“Rachael worked with Donington Park on a short term contract and impressed us, our corporate and retail clients with her solid marketing ability, imaginative mind and studiously analytical approach to her own and her team’s work. Our small in-house sales and marketing team progressed further, and more quickly, under Rachael’s short term contract than they had in the previous 18 months. She has leadership ability, an adaptable approach and the necessary skill set to hit targets both as to deadlines and budget. We would confidently recommend her and her agency to a wide range of future clients, and will hope we can make further use of those skills in the future.”

Christopher Tate, Managing Director, Donington Park