Social Media Acronyms

Do you know your social media shorthand?

Dwindling attention spans and competition for eyeballs mean that marketing communications are under increasing pressure to get messages out quicker than ever. A whole host of acronyms have become a new social media shorthand language.


There is an ever growing list of social media shortcuts to abbreviate interactions. These save time and help to fit in as many points as possible into posts, to encourage conversations. However, keeping track can be a challenge.


Sprout Social has kindly curated the 75 Most Important Social Media Acronyms used in marketing today. Not only do they apply cross Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn, they relate across all Business to Business and Business to Consumer activity and every business marketeer is likely to encounter at least some of these abbreviations in day to day life.


From encouraging conversations on Twitter through to general day to day business terms, as well as the technical stuff, marketers and businesses need to know the latest terminology to engage with their audiences and the agencies they work with.

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AFAIK if you don’t keep up with the latest lingo you are seriously living in FOMO.


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