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Posts vs Pictures: Facebook for friends and Instagram for inspiration

Facebook’s new report  has unveiled some interesting insights into what social media sites Facebook and Instagram are used for and what users seek to gain from each channel.

According to the study by Ipsos Connect, titled “Facebook and Instagram: Motivations and Mindsets”, Instagram is a place where people look for insider perspectives and insights, giving them a window into a different world, while Facebook represents their real world, the people and perspectives they care about and want to discuss.

Facebook IQ Researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano, highlighted the main finding of the report was that Facebook better satisfies people’s need for empowerment, recognition and connection, while Instagram more strongly fulfils their desire for fun, relaxation and discovery.

“On Instagram, people follow celebrities, get DIY inspiration and are visually transported to new places – while on Facebook, the primary appeal is connecting with family and friends.”
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The report looked at types of content, different user demographics and how millennials are interacting with both social media platforms. It seems that from a marketing messaging point of view Facebook is where people are looking for fact based, opinion led, personal content and Instagram is where they go to escape and dream about the what if.

So craft your content carefully…keep Facebook ‘friends and family’ friendly and inspire and influence through Instagram….or drop us a line and we’ll help with your copywriting.

Source: “Facebook and Instagram: Motivations and Mindsets” by Ipsos Connect (Facebook-commissioned online survey of 7,809 people ages 18–64 in AU, BR, FR, JP, UK and US who use Facebook and/or Instagram at least weekly), May 2016. Among survey respondents, 5,642 use both Facebook and Instagram, 1,802 use Facebook only, and 365 use Instagram only. The study also included 120 qualitative participants. Data is on average across all markets and refer to people who use both feeds unless otherwise noted.