Big Old House officially opens its door

Big Old House officially opened for business this month, offering PR, marketing and quality copywriting services to communications agencies and businesses in need of B2B expertise.

Founded by local entrepreneur Rachael van Oudheusden, Big Old House provides senior level freelance PR and media strategy, marketing consultancy and copywriting to creative agencies wanting ad hoc support, as well as direct to business clients wanting external B2B or technical support and flexibility on fees.

Noticing that there was a shortage of Account Director level expertise across the East Midlands, Big Old House was created to meet demand from business and agencies needing an affordable service from a flexible, reliable and experienced source. It aims to provide a senior strategic resource that can quickly grasp a brief and can run with a project.

As a former business mentor for Business in the Community and on the back of a 20 year PR and marketing career, spanning Head of PR, Account Director, client management and copywriting roles, Big Old House founder Rachael van Oudheusden was eager to go it alone, but not quite ready to leave the agency buzz behind, so this option offered the best of both worlds for her own aspirations and for clients.

Asked why Big Old House was established, Rachael van Oudheusden, said: “I was keen to branch out on my own and saw an opportunity in the high number of creative and comms agencies that often need additional technical copywriting skills. Also, many agencies struggle with recruiting senior level team members, so can find themselves with a temporary shortage of strategic knowledge and support whilst finding the right candidate. There seems to be a particular shortage of candidates with B2B or technical experience, including building and construction, manufacturing, leisure and public interest campaigns, so that’s where Big Old House can fill a gap.”
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“Plus, many small businesses want external marketing support, but don’t have the budget for big agency fees; that’s what people will get from Big Old House – someone that really gets it and can deliver results against commercial objectives, but without the commitment of permanent new hires or big agency budgets.”

On the choice of name for her new venture, she added: “Why Big Old House? Well it’s the meaning behind my surname (sort of). Plus, it’s what my hard work goes into and where we’re based. Plus, experience has shown that van Oudheusden is just too hard for people to say or spell!”

For more information on Big Old House visit: